Safety, Filtering, & Digital Citizenship

The Internet is a critical resource for student learning. YPS has enabled a robust web filter, known as Securly, on all devices to help protect students from harmful or inappropriate material. This filter works both at school and away from school to help ensure our students have safe Internet access no matter where they are. Student device use is monitored and all online activity is tracked. However, Internet filters and monitoring are not perfect, so it is important that parents/guardians are involved in their students' digital activities and talk to them about the risks and rewards of Internet use. Students should notify a teacher or school official immediately if they come across information, images, or messages that are inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, or make them feel uncomfortable. Please note that our web filter is district wide and we are unable to block or unblock sites for specific students. If you are having trouble with a student using an unblocked site inappropriately, please speak with your student's teachers and school administration.

The use of district‐provided technology requires students to abide by all YPS policies and procedures related to the Acceptable Use Procedures for Electronic Resources, local, state, and federal laws. Students are expected to use district technology and network resources responsibly and to keep their district‐issued devices safe, secure and in good working order. YPS requires digital citizenship lessons of all students as the school year gets started and throughout the remainder of the school year. Additional digital citizenship resources for parents by age group can be found below:

Listen to this podcast to learn more about Securly from John Sowash: Student safety is more than blocking websites! Episode Guest: Bharath Madhusudan, Co-founder of Securly.