Insurance Coverage & Repair Costs

The Yukon Public Schools Student Chromebook Protection Plan (YCPP) has been established to give parents and students the ability to purchase insurance for the Chromebook 1:1 Initiative for the current school year when the student has an initial repair or issue to file. We do not require a YCPP insurance purchase until an initial repair or issue that will result in a cost is required. The technology package includes a Chromebook and Charging Cord. This annual insurance will cover part or all of the repair or replacement costs related to damage to the Chromebook. The cost for protection is $26.55 per student, per year and is only required upon an initial repair or issue resulting in a cost. You may also choose to just pay for any repair, part, or costs instead of opting for the insurance protection plan. Once an insurance protection plan is purchased, after a device has been turned in for repair or issue resulting in a cost, the insurance protection plan covers the device for the remainder of the respective school year as outlined below.

  1. Acts of intentional damage, lost chromebook or charger will not be covered by the insurance.

  2. If uninsured, parents/guardians are responsible for the full cost of replacement or repair of damage for the chromebook and charger.

  3. Insurance claims of theft must include a completed Yukon/OKC/Canadian County police report, signed by a parent.

    • Police reports must be filed within the jurisdiction the incident occurred. Please note Yukon Public Schools district boundaries cover the jurisdictions of the City of Yukon, City of Oklahoma City, and Canadian County.

    • If an incident happened within Yukon city limits or while at school, one of our School Resource Officers from the Yukon Police Department can assist with the filing of your police report.


If purchased, the YPS Student Chromebook Protection Plan (YCPP) covers 100% of the first incidence of damage, and 50% of the second incidence. after two incidents, the parent/guardian/student is responsible for all repairs and replacement costs*. coverage and fees are renewed on an annual basis. Please note that we not require a YCPP insurance purchase until an initial repair or issue that will result in a cost is required.


    1. FIRST INCIDENT - 100%

    2. SECOND INCIDENT - 50%

    3. THIRD INCIDENT - 0%

*Exact repair/replacement costs will be determined at the time of the repair.

Typical Repair/Parts Costs


    • CHROMEBOOK (COMPLETE): $300-389

    • CHARGING CORD: $31.78

    • SCREEN: $42.38

    • KEYBOARD: $31.78

    • MOTHERBOARD: $105.00