Using clever on a personal device

This information is for families and students who have chosen to opt-out of receiving a Chromebook from Yukon Public Schools and instead have chosen to use a personal device.

Yukon Public Schools utilizes Clever to authenticate students with our Chromebooks and launch student centralized portals to access our learning management systems (Seesaw for PK-1st and Schoology for 2nd-12th) along with district and school supported applications. Students will access their teacher's live instruction sessions via Zoom from links available in Seesaw and Schoology.

Clever is accessible on personal devices but with limited functionality. Please follow the steps below to access our Clever environment from a personal device.

What is Clever?

Clever is an easy way for you to access all your learning applications. With Clever, you only have to remember one username and password, or use a Clever Badge, to log into all your applications. On a personal device this will look different and requires the use of the Chrome web browser.

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on (SSO) is what Clever uses to log you into all your learning applications. You only have to sign in once (a single sign-on) to the Clever Portal, then you can click on your learning applications without signing in again! On a personal device this feature will look different and requires the use of the Chrome web browser and you may experience limited functionality.

What is the Clever Portal?

The Clever Portal is where you can access all your learning applications.


Download the Clever web extension for your web browser. We recommend utilizing the Chrome web browser for the best user experience as we heavily utilize the Google Apps for Education environment at all of our schools.


To Access Clever on your personal device please visit: from a Chrome web browser.


Log-in using the Clever Badge (contact teacher or school to receive for grades PK-6) or via Google Apps Account (grades 7-12)

  • PK-6th: will utilize a Clever Badge to logon with (camera enabled device required). You will need to contact your child's teacher/school to obtain this badge.
  • 7th-12th: If you do not know your child's username or password, please visit our Troubleshooting User Accounts and Passwords Page.