All Chromebooks are district property and must be returned when requested; when your child leaves or no longer attends Yukon Public Schools; and at the end of each school year. Exceptions are made for students enrolled in our Extended School Year (ESY) or Summer School programs.

Specific information will be shared in spring each year by your child's school for end of year (EOY) procedures in returning your child's chromebook.

Chromebooks may not be kept or bought for any reason.

Students who are aware of an issue - such as a lost, stolen or non-functioning item - are strongly encouraged to visit with their school's library media specialist or YPS Information Technology as soon as possible to address the issue. It is better to address issues early than to wait until the final week of school.

  • Permanent stickers, labels, or other markings may not be affixed to Chromebooks and must be removed prior to turning in the device. Hand sanitizer is recommended to safely remove the stickers and all sticker residue.

  • Chromebooks must be returned in good condition with power adapters.

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for damage to Chromebooks caused by neglect or abuse.

(1) Use to record multiple device returns at the same time / online-based form.

(2) Use to report one device return at a time / printed / paper-based form.

YPS Technology Device Return Process for Schools

The full Chromebook Deployment & Return Plan for schools can be found here.

Charges that may apply to all students


  • Lost/stolen or non-functioning Chromebook - $314.20

  • Lost/stolen or non-functioning Power Adapter - $31.78

  • Cracked or broken screen - $42.38

  • Stickers that have not been removed - $26.55

  • Keyboard - $26.55

  • Trackpad or palmrest - $52.70

  • Webcam - $26.55


  • Charger - $16.09

  • Physical Damage or Missing - $84.07

Seniors must resolve all of their financial obligations in order to participate in the Graduation ceremony, and the school will not issue a transcript on behalf of a student whose fees are not paid in full. Parents/guardians of students who are assessed any type of Chromebook-related fee will be made aware of such charges shortly after students return their Chromebooks.


What if i can't find my charger?

If you lost your charger or don't turn it in with your Chromebook, you will be charged $15 to replace it. All chargers must be the district issued charger or district issued replacement or full replacement charges will apply. For seniors leaving the district, this charge (if applicable) must be paid before you can participate in commencement.

Can I still access my Yukon Google Account?

Yes. Student accounts remain active throughout the summer (enrolled, current students) and accessible for 7 days after a student graduates or withdraws from the district. We recommend you create your own personal Google account and transfer your documents, photos and any other materials you've created during your time in Yukon Public Schools if you will be graduating or leaving the district. Click here for more information about taking your Google files with you.

What if I lost/damaged my chromebook?

Typical wear and tear or accidental damage to the Chromebook will not result in charges. The district reserves the right to charge for the entire replacement cost if negligence is determined. Examples of negligence include, but are not limited to losing, destroying or repetitive repairs to your Chromebook.