Troubleshooting User accounts & passwords


        • Student's Google Apps Account & Email Addresses are (not case sensitive)

            • Chromebooks and most school applications will utilize the Google Apps Account/Email Address for login purposes.

        • Student's Username is the alias portion of the Google Apps Account FirstName.MiddleInitial.LastName (remove the

            • YPS Apple and Windows based desktops and laptops along with our password reset system will utilize the student's username to logon with.

        • Example: Student name is John L. Smith

            • username = John.L.Smith

            • Google Apps/Email =

        • All usernames are truncated at 18 characters, including the periods (this is a limitation of our authentication systems)

          • Example: Student Name is William Michael Sampsonite

          • username = william.m.sampsoni

          • Google Apps/Email =

        • All special characters and spaces are stripped from usernames and Google Apps Accounts, but NOT passwords.

        • All student account information is automatically derived from information entered into PowerSchool during online enrollment and annual registration.

        • Accounts will not be created/generated until the student has been enrolled in classes and can take 24 hours to sync from the time the student was enrolled in in our student information system.


        • Default Password is first four characters of the First Name followed by the Student Number (case sensitive)

            • Example: Student's name is John L. Smith with Student Number 12345

                • password = John12345

        • If your first name is shorter than 4 characters leading zeros will need to be added to the student number.

            • Example: Student's Name is Joe Smith with Student Number 54321

                • password = Joe054321

        • Passwords will still contain any special characters in the students first name, except for spaces (which are removed).

        • Students are highly encouraged to change their password upon initial logon to the network via our password reset system, unless they will only be using a Clever Badge (grades PK-6):

            • Password must:

                • i. be a minimum of 8 characters (required)

                • ii. have at least one character capitalized (required)

                • iii. contain a combination of letters and numbers (required)

                • iv. have at least one special character (recommended)

        • Password Reset System: Passwords can be reset online by following these directions:

            1. Go to and complete enrollment by clicking on the enroll option. Follow the onscreen instructions and create your security questions and answers.

            2. Once enrollment and security questions have been completed you can then choose the Change Password option to reset your password.

Additional Help / Questions?

Please contact out IT Service Desk by visiting and choosing the proper option as a student or parent/guardian to submit your request.