1:1 Responsibilities & Information Guide

Yukon Public Schools is excited to offer students the opportunity to use a Yukon Public Schools issued device to enhance their academic experience. Learning, work, and citizenship in today’s world require our students responsibly, ethically, and capably apply a variety of technology skills. By providing each student a Chromebook computer to use at school and at home, Yukon Public Schools (YPS) intends to enable an engaging, collaborative, self-directed, and empowering learning environment that supports students’ preparation for college and career readiness.

The use of district‐provided technology requires students to abide by all YPS policies and procedures related to the Acceptable Use Procedures for Electronic Resources, local, state, and federal laws. Students are expected to use district technology and network resources responsibly and to keep their district‐issued devices safe, secure and in good working order. The information in this manual will assist students and parents in meeting these expectations.

YPS 1:1 Responsibilities & Information Guide SY2020/21